Top 25 Videos of All-Time

My generation has produced a new phenomenon: watching videos online. YouTube is almost as much a part of our daily lives as Facebook and e-mail. I’ve wasted my fair share of time watching videos online, and I’ve collected my 25 favorites here. There is no criteria for making the list. If it was awesome, funny, stupid, or just plain interesting, it got consideration. I did try to avoid the globally known viral videos, though. So no “drinking out of cups,” no Charlie, and no double rainbows, for the sake of repetitiveness (apparently that’s a word! Who knew?). And honestly, once you get to around number twelve, the order doesn’t really matter either. As long as you’re left in shock, inspired, or in stitches, I’ve accomplished my goal. Tell me what you think, and if I’ve made any glaring oversights!

I think most browsers will take you straight to the clip in this window, so make sure to click the “back” button afterward to get back to my countdown! Now, without further ado:

25. Soulja Boy: Girl U Stank (Take a Bath) The reason this is on my list (and god forbid, starting my list), is not to drive people away. It is simply to point out how atrocious this song is. I could tell my dog to take a crap on a newspaper, and then make a song out of the words that it landed on and I guarantee it would be better than what Soulja Boy came up with here. New contest: who can make it the farthest through this clip without exiting out?

24. Carl’s Jr. Commercial I’ve always liked this commercial, since it came out when I was a kid. Such a simple concept, but so effective. It’s a stupid joke you would make up with your friends at lunch, but to see your stupid idea displayed on TV gave it legitimacy. Okay, maybe that was just me.

23. Gunther music video: Ding Dong Song An absolutely terrible, but hilarious song by Gunther. The close up on his face during the chorus kills me. It will leave you in shock. For more ridiculous Gunther videos, check out this other classic:

22. Spray Paint Artists Another pretty long video, but really entrancing. There are tons of these videos on the internet, and each and every one is incredible. I can’t fathom the art that these street vendors make using just spray paint, tin cans, newspapers and other small tools. I’m lucky enough to live close to San Francisco so that any given weekend, I could go to the Embarcadero and see one of these performances in person. I actually bought one last time I was in the city (only $5, none were more than $20) and it’s hanging on my wall right now!

21. Boneless baby Creepy? Yes. Sad? Yep. In bad taste? Sure. But there’s one thing you can’t argue: this is freakishly funny. This one makes me laugh really hard.

20. This is SportsCenter: Manny being Manny This one might need some context. First of all, Manny Ramirez is hilarious. He’s widely-hated for various reasons, but still, he’s hilarious. This is a long-running SportsCenter ad campaign featuring different athletes, mascots and SportsCenter personalities claiming kooky behind-the-scenes look-ins at the ESPN offices. Anyway, “Manny being Manny” is a phrase coined to describe Ramirez for his crazy antics both on and off the field (for example, taking a break during a game to go pee inside the Green Monster). Hopefully that will make you readers realize why this commercial is so funny.

19. Top 10 soccer goals Even non-soccer fans can appreciate these beautiful shots. For those of you, like me, who have played soccer, understand how difficult it is to put it in the back of the net. Making it look this good is why they are paid to play! I think #5 is my favorite, but #3 is definitely my favorite celebration.

18. Backflip catch on trampoline This is another video that may or may not be real. Because it looks real, I’m going to play dumb and just accept it as truth. That being said, this is amazing. Every guy dreams of making this play, but few have the balls to try it. Even fewer can actually pull it off! It may be lucky, but still takes a high degree of insanity and athleticism to make it count. I mean, come on! A backflip alone is hard enough! Also, let’s take a minute to give the QB some props. That’s a long, long pass, and it’s right on the money.

17. College Humor: Half-court shot prank College Humor is another great viral group and this is the best prank I’ve seen on their website so far. How devastating. Sorry if you have to suffer through a YouTube ad before seeing it, but it’s worth it! To explain, briefly, these two guys in the video are in a prank battle that has been raging for years. They put all of them online, which you can see at

16. Improv Everywhere: Grand Central Station This is so cool. Over 23 million views on YouTube makes me think you’ve seen this. But enjoy anyway. Improv Everywhere is a really cool group and I hope that I run into them sometime while I’m walking around town. Very creative.

15. Christian the Lion I’m pretty sure most people have seen this by now, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Take a few minutes to watch it! I wish I had a pet lion.

14. “World’s most insane knockout” I don’t know what kind of fighting this is, but the knockout is incredible. Raw athleticism. I’d love to see Brock Lesnar try this in the UFC (yeah, right). (And two honorable mentions: and

13. Gladiator quote Crappy quality, annoying screen size, unnecessarily long clip…worth every second. This movie (especially this part) pumps me up beyond belief! Best line from one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. If you’re impatient, fast-forward to about the 1:15 mark. And if you don’t know what’s going on, or you’ve been living in a hole for ten years and haven’t seen Gladiator? Get on that immediately. You’ll thank me.

12. Japanese baseball catch Man, if I ever made a catch this amazing, this athletic, this coordinated? I’d retire after the game, because there is no way I could top it. Coolest catch of all time, made by the aptly nicknamed “Spiderman” in a professional Japanese baseball game.

11. Cal St. Fullerton slam One of the better dunks I’ve seen recently. Very clean. Tell me this wouldn’t pump a team up! Solid defense on the other side of the court to lead to the dunk. And that poor guy on the other team’s face probably smelled like Gerard Anderson’s crotch for a couple days. (Also, see this: and this: Two of my other favorite dunks.)

10. “Em-bear-assed” on 1,000 ways to die For those of you not familiar with this show, it’s on SPIKE and is basically just the craziest and most random ways that people have died. I know it’s bad to laugh at people for dying, but this show makes it hard not to. The reason I chose this particular “way to die” is because the re-creation of the death and the SPIKE narrator’s script is worthy of this list itself. Not to mention how the guy dies. Check it out. Oh, and apparently the “fornicating furries” he runs into? Real. Yikes.

9. Home video of Juno!/video/video.php?v=319582122370&subj=639957370 This is a video that probably only people who are friends with me on Facebook can actually see. But considering almost everyone who will read this is, it shouldn’t be a problem. Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! If only she was still this small and innocent…

8. Shaq commercial It’s widely-known that Shaquille O’Neal is both a dominant athlete and one of the funniest, most animated celebrities of our generation. This may not be his best video clip ever, but it’s still one of my favorites.

7. 100 cheesiest movie quotes This one is about 10 minutes long, but it’s worth it if you have the time. A collection of the cheesiest movie quotes ever, and they are really hilarious. The best ones are quotes where you didn’t realize how cheesy the quote was when you saw the movie, but in the context of this countdown, it’s like a hilarious revelation. (As a bonus, I don’t know if this quote is on the countdown but it’s really in a class of it’s own. You don’t have to see this movie to appreciate how bad the line is:

6. Morgan State catch I don’t know if this is a doctored video, but I don’t care. The most athletic football play I think I’ve ever seen! The fact that Morgan St. wide receiver Edwin Baptiste was able to turn, dive, catch the ball one-handed at full extension, and hang on to the ball as he lands, is just unbelievable to me. You can really see on the slow-motion replay that he was literally horizontal to the ground, extended from the tip of his hand to his toes.

5. Mark Buehrle flip play Mark Buehrle, one of baseball’s good guys, makes a play on Opening Day 2010 that can’t even be described. It might have been luck, but damn, does he make lucky look good! Mercy!

4. WSU vs. ASU 2009 Senior night basketball game This is at my school, Washington State University. It was the seniors’ last home game, when fan-favorite point guard Taylor Rochestie downed Arizona State in overtime on this long three pointer. Great moment, and even greater that I’m one of those red-clad ZZU CRU psychos running on the floor afterward. And don’t bash the music, because it makes it just that much more epic! Go Cougs!

3. Robot Chicken Gummy Bear Okay, I know that Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have pretty awful shows in general. But anyone who has seen Robot Chicken and claims it is not funny is a liar! My roommate and I saw this sketch on that show at three in the morning in the dorms a few years ago and it’s still one of the funniest things either of us has ever seen. Who thinks of this crap?

2. Do you Believe in Miracles? This is one of the most inspirational sports highlights of all time. I still get chills watching this, even though I’m hardly a hockey fan (not to mention I was -9 years old when this happened). The context of the 1980 Olympics and the unbelievable, emotional call by Al Michaels is absolutely unforgettable.

Before we get to #1, here’s one I added in last minute. It’s also extremely funny, but I didn’t want to part with any of my other top 25. So…bonus!

Now, back to the countdown. The “winner” is…

1. SNL “Great Day” short Saturday Night Live is a classic. Andy Samberg is absolutely hilarious. I don’t even try to figure out where they come up with this stuff, but this is definitely the funniest one I’ve seen. The reason for it being #1? Recently discovered. It’s just plain ridiculous. Enjoy! And thanks to my good friend Abbi Olson for showing this to me!

Hope you enjoyed all these clips! See ya next time, and follow me here at if you liked it!


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