Things I Think I Thought A Lot About: Vol. 2

Okay…remember A MONTH ago when I said I was going to make this a more regular, possibly daily thing? Well, oops. I’ve been very busy (okay, unenthusiastic, uninspired…). Anyway, I’m back with a thought for today. It was brought on by a movie I watched last night, after making the best purchase of my life ($5 DVD box at WalMart…gets me every time!). It’s actually two thoughts. Lucky you!

First, is there any better contrast between evil antagonist and lovable protagonist and has it ever been portrayed in a more amazing, human way than in The Green Mile? John Coffey vs. Percy Whitmore. They don’t exactly have a natural rivalry until the end, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a movie that made me hate a character with more of a passion than I do Percy and love a character more than John. That’s my first mini-thought. Every time I see it, it’s just the most amazing job of acting and scripting.

That also got me thinking: How did The Green Mile not win Best Picture in 1999? (American Beauty took the award home)…I haven’t seen American Beauty, so I can’t have much personal input, but I do know that The Green Mile is a cinematic masterpiece. So, naturally, I googled it. Turns out, I’ve never heard of a single calendar year in which more awesome movies were released than in 1999. Check it out:

The Green Mile
Fight Club
The Matrix
American Beauty
Star Wars Episode I
The Boondock Saints
Toy Story 2
American Pie
The Sixth Sense
Office Space
Ten Things I Hate About You
Wild Wild West
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
The Blair Witch Project
October Sky

And really, the list goes on…I just wanted to share this with everyone because it’s so ridONKulous! Doesn’t it make you wanna watch at least half of them right now?

“He kill them wi’ their love. Wi’ their love fo’ each other. That’s how it is, every day, all over the world.” – John Coffey, The Green Mile


4 thoughts on “Things I Think I Thought A Lot About: Vol. 2

  1. How very profound of thee Jermy! (No typo.)
    American Beauty was very undeserving of that award. It was just not a good movie, especially in juxtaposition to The Green Mile. (10 pt word?)
    …can I borrow that movie from you sometime?!

  2. Hey I like your user name! You know I've heard that American Beauty was really, really good, so I'll have to settle the score by watching it (although I do trust your taste in movies haha!)…and yes of course, you can borrow it whenever you want, but only because you used juxtaposition in a sentence.

  3. Ok, so of the 8 on your list that I've seen, I recall The Sixth Sense as one of my favorites. Just enough scary, but with lots of thought provoking suspense. Any movie that I think about for days after is a winner in my book. The Green Mile is definitely one of them.

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