Things I Think I Thought A Lot About: Vol. 3

Hey, there we go! Back on track with this whole blogging thing. Today: we discuss my thoughts on why pulling an all-nighter to get in line for my school’s basketball game is NOT the work of a crazy person. First of all, the background…I have an Anthropology test at 2:00 this afternoon. I am studying for it right now. I am studying for it outside of Beasley Coliseum, where the Washington State Cougars will attempt to knock off the top-5 Kansas State Wildcats in men’s basketball at 8:00 tonight. It is freezing cold out here. I slept in a 2-foot long nook with a worthless pad, sleeping bag and pillow. I look like an eskimo. I will stay in this line until they let us into the game around 6:00 tonight (other than when I’m taking my test). I’m sure people reading this are shaking their heads and muttering about me being a crazy dude. In fact, I’m sure of it, because even some of my friends at school have told me this to my face!

But, there is no offense taken, don’t worry. In fact, I take pride in this craziness. IN FACT, I wish they hadn’t instituted a “no camping” policy so that I could have staked my claim in line days ago! Seriously. Anyway, let’s get to the point here: I am a Coug. I love Coug sports (yes, even the football team…). I especially love Coug sports that have potential for postseason play. Hence, why I put so much effort into going to the basketball games, frostbite be damned. There is nothing better than sitting front row, getting on TV with fellow ZZU CRU members, and (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully) storming the court after a huge upset! Been there, done that? Rushed the field two years ago in the Apple Cup after the double-overtime win? Rushed the court two years ago when Taylor Rochestie hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer against Arizona State? Well, I did. And let me tell you that never gets old.

I’ll be realistic for a second here; Kansas State is a REALLY good basketball team. They are far better than Washington State. But, until the final buzzer sounds, we are in it. And that’s enough for some crazy fans like me to risk life and limb, hike through treacherous tundra, and…okay sorry. Overly dramatic. But really, win or lose, if we play well, it will be worth the 12 and a half hours I sit here. And Kansas State? Well, I hope they don’t get too cocky…they haven’t had to deal with the ZZU CRU lately. They haven’t had to deal with an improved, older Klay Thompson. Or Reggie Moore. DeAngelo Casto. Faisal Aden. I’m not going to be bold and predict an upset, but the way these guys are shooting lights out right now, it’s possible.

So, call me crazy, but the Cougs have a big game tonight. The biggest of the year, no doubt. And there is no way I let something stupid like sleep or schoolwork get in my way. I’m going to this game, and I’m going all out.


3 thoughts on “Things I Think I Thought A Lot About: Vol. 3

  1. Hah! Sorry great friend who surprised me in line with nachos and coca-cola! I won't forget to shout out the next time 🙂

    And thanks, you should follow the blog so I get more popular hahaha…nice prof pic by the way!

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