Things I Think I Thought A Lot About: Vol. 9

I have a weird problem where I combine words. Maybe it’s because I inherently want to save time or breath. Maybe I think I’m clever. Who knows? Anyway, it’s such a problem that my roommate (who has had to live with me for three years now) has coined them as “Jisms” (Jeremy-isms). The reason this is the topic of my blog today is because I really couldn’t think of a blopic (blog topic). I’ll be honest, it’s very rare that a Jism is actually funny or smart. But it’s like getting an M&M in a handful of trail mix – it’s hard to find, but it’s awesome when it does.

That’s all I’ve got for today. But if I ever start combining words too often and it starts getting annoying, feel free to give me a swift groin kick (or, grick).

Nap time.


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