Now What? Real Life?

This is me, the 49ers and the rest of the team’s fans. The season is over and it hurts. Not as much today as last night. But my butt’s still a little sore (okay, come on…clearly, that’s a reference to being “butt hurt,” not whatever your dirty mind jumped to!).

The bigger issue at hand now that I’ve made peace with the loss is what the hell I’m going to do with no football. I’m a self-admitted American Idol fan, so luckily that’s starting up. But after a slew of terrible auditions and twenty six glamour shots of J. Lo’s (still beautiful) face, there’s really nothing left to talk about.

In reality, I could watch the NBA, NHL or college basketball. There’s only one small problem: I’m a Sharks and Warriors fan like Hilary Duff is a “singer.” It’s convenient and all my friends are doing it, so why not?

And my college team, my alma mater Washington State…they kinda suck this year. And they are never on TV. That narrows down my leisure activities to drinking beer, watching movies and following the GOP campaigns for pure comedy.

As the Surgeon General has warned us, drinking too much beer is bad. It’s hard to watch movies when Dad is asleep watching Hawaii Five-O on the only good TV, and one can only take so much borderline white supremacy before going bonkers.

So, I guess…sigh. It’s time to grow up. DAMN IT. I’ve been avoiding this day for months now. But tomorrow I have an interview for another three month position at a much higher-paying, more grown-up job.

It must be the first step. I can use the money, I can use the steady schedule, and I could definitely use the resume boost! Plus, the company and the position both look pretty cool.

So I’ll rock the interview, see where it gets me. And if I pull a Kyle Williams and blow it, you sleep it off, get up the next day, and look for the next shot.

But let’s be real. We all know I’d rather be watching a Jim Carrey movie on the couch. Wouldn’t you?


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