Examining a #DayInTheLife Through Social Media

profile picLet’s face it: Social media is the future. Hell, it’s the present. Classic American institutions like the U.S. Postal Service and print newspapers are slowly being rendered irrelevant because of the rapidly-improving online word of communication and journalism.

My generation was raised with MySpace, Facebook and YouTube and are leading the charge for programs like Twitter, Instagram and Tout.

Because I consider myself somewhat of a wizard on the above platforms, I decided to try a fun experiment yesterday with the help of my Tout app (the one program I’m least familiar with — it’s basically a service that allows 15 second video clips in a feed-style interface) and Twitter.

Now, I just got into Tout recently, and only have about 50 followers to my name. So the experiment in itself probably didn’t have much of a reach, but it did get decent, if limited, feedback.

And even if it went completely ignored all day, I had fun doing it. I would love to see a social media-friendly celebrity or athlete (I’m looking at you, Shaq!) do something like this, if only just to demonstrate the incredible scope of communicative abilities all this new technology offers. Survivor host Jeff Probst actually did a similar series on Tout recently!

In the 20 or so video updates I posted yesterday, I learned that my average day is far more eventful than I originally believed. It’s promising to see that even on the laziest of Sunday’s (and one that I slept until noon on, no less) can still be exceptionally productive in multiple facets of my life.

But that’s enough of my blabber. This “experiment” was merely to document a full day in the life of an average social media-savvy human. I think it’s far more interesting to see something like this than “reality shows” like Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

So check out all the videos HERE and keep up with the Jamblinman’s instead!

Oh, and if you couldn’t tell…I kinda like baseball. Here is a montage/inspirational rendering of Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 through the eyes and iPhone of me: